First tee of benton harbor summer employment program

Golf was first developed in St. Andrews over 600 years ago and caddies have been a colorful part of its history. Caddies are responsible for a lot of tasks during a round of golf. They must provide advice for their player and are responsible for many duties including counting clubs, providing yardages, reading greens, raking bunkers, cleaning clubs, understanding course conditions and rules, and building a level of trust with their golfer.

evans scholarship

Each year the Evans Scholarship is given by the Western Golf Association to deserving young men and women that have successfully completed their selection process.

The four criteria that each applicant must meet are two years experience as a caddie, a 3.0 grade point average in core classes, a letter from a teacher and one from the head professional confirming their character, and they must have a financial need. An interview is the final step in the applicant’s process and if successfully completed, an applicant from the state of Michigan’s reward is a full scholarship to either the University of Michigan or Michigan State University. At First Tee of Benton Harbor our goal is to have our participants take advantage of this great opportunity. For more information about our program or the Evans Scholarship contact First Tee of Benton Harbor office or visit

outside services at harbor shores

The Harbor Shores Program allows First Tee members to work as cart and bag attendants while learning invaluable life skills through employment. In 2014, 16 current or former members of First Tee and Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor were employed by Harbor Shores. For more information, please contact Ebon Sanders at