what is the coalition?

We are excited to announce our new program, The Coalition. The Coalition builds off our past College Knowledge Program, working with high school students who are eligible for the Benton Harbor Promise.

Beginning in their freshman year, the program focuses on each student developing a portfolio based on their individual strengths. Students will then use the Coalition for College Access website to apply to colleges or universities for free, and provide a place for them to organize and upload work they are proud of. The Coalition and the Coalition for College Access also provides the students a platform to build a portfolio for employment after high school.

coalition statistics:

  • Since the site opened last April, the site has been viewed 5,843,818 times by 347,490 unique users.
  • 82,336 individuals have created Coalition accounts.
  • As of Monday, October 24, 48,960 students are working on an application.
  • 18.5% of students have submitted applications using the Coalition fee waiver that applies to all member colleges.  

What we are trying to accomplish:

The Coalition is a partnership between First Tee of Benton Harbor and the Benton Harbor Promise to prepare them academically, socially, or vocationally for life after high school.

2019 Highlights:

Escape Room, Top Golf Indianapolis, Painting with JNL Studios, SAT Prep, KAHN Academy, Year-Round Tutoring, Accuplacer Test at Lake Michigan College, College Night at Lake Michigan College, Campus Tours at Butler University, Grand Valley State University & Lake Michigan College.

To learn more about the Coalition for College Access click here.